Solex Carburetor for L-head jeeps.Solex Carburetor for L-head jeeps.

The Omix-Ada 17701.01 Carburetor Solex Designed L-Head for Jeep.  This carb is a good substitute for a worn out Carter carburetor.  It can be purchased for a reasonable amount.  The only drawbacks are that the fittings are metric and in smaller towns, it can be difficult to find the appropriate adapter and the Solex is sensitive to fuel pressure.

The problem seemed to be that the reproduction or repaired WW2 jeep fuel pumps were supplying too much pressure and overfeeding the Solex. I solved the resulting flooding by installing a Fuel Pressure Regulator.

Is you carb sad? Why not a new one?

Is your carb sad? Why not buy a new one?

The Solex was used on a limited basis on WW2 jeeps repaired by the French for the US Army.

I found the Solex to be responsive and easy to start (if you know how).  So if your Carter is all worn out, consider going with the Solex.  The Solex is available from a number retailers including

You also might be interested in an original looking reproduction made by Joe’s Motor Pool, also available at several jeep parts retailers.