The oldest surviving jeep, a Ford GP Pygmy (pilot)

This is the Ford GP “Pygmy” pilot model. It is the oldest surviving jeep tested by the US Army at Camp Holabird, MD. This vehicle is on display at the Veterans Museum in Huntsville, Alabama.


WW2 Pilot Model – The Ford Pygmy

Description: A photo book exploring the details of the Ford pilot in the race to build jeeps


Explore just about every inch of the Ford pilot Pygmy in photographs and essay. This is one of only two of the original “jeep” pilots known to have survived through today. The other is the Budd bodied Ford pilot. The author had full access to the jeeps in the Veterans Memorial Museum of Huntsville, Alabama. The Ford pilot is an amazing vehicle. See the engine, inside the body and underneath. Tons of detail. Check it out!

WW2 Pilot Model – Ford Pygmy
WW2 Pilot Model - The Ford Pygmy


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