At left is my personal jeep mechanic, PFC Jill Mechanix.  She’s the granddaughter of Sgt Half-Mast Mechanix.  Jill believes in safety first and doing things right the first time, “because if you don’t have time to do it right, when you gonna have time to fix it?” In the picture at left you can see Jill adjusting the carb. It is a simple affair with the only adjustments being made with a screwdriver. I had tried a number of Carter carbs but they never seemed to do me right, no matter who rebuilt them.  The Solex seemed to help the jeep to run much smoother (at first), especially when coupled with the electronic ignition. However, once the weather turned warm the Solex ran as poorly as the Carters did. Turns out my problems were fuel pump related. So I purchased a manually adjustable fuel pressure regulator and set the pressure to that recommended for the jeep by the manual.


Ever since then the jeep has run smoothly. I will say that I currently have a Carter back on my jeep and have no plans to go back to the Solex.

At right, is a picture of the Solex carb that I had installed prior to PFC Jill figuring out what was really wrong with my jeep.  There must be a rash of these poorly rebuilt or manufactured fuel pumps because there have been jeep owners reporting excessive flooding of the carb.  According to PFC Jill this could either be caused by the fuel pump (excessive pressure) or an incorrectly adjusted float in the carb.


“You can find an adjustable fuel pressure regulator at most any auto parts start.
Install it between the carb and the fuel pump, dial in the correct pressure the carb
expects and it will work fine,” according to PFC Jill.

For all around trouble shooting ideas, PFC Jill recommends:

Automotive Trouble Shooting for WW2 Wheeled Vehicles, Vol 1 Automotive Trouble Shooting for WW2 Wheeled Vehicles, Vol 2
Automotive Trouble Shooting For Wheeled WW2 Vehicles. Part 1 edited by Robert Notman

The books are available on and other fine booksellers

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