Retro Jill as bomber art USAAF 1944 Black T-Shirt
Color: Navy


Beautiful blonde retro model Jill as bomber nose art from USAAF 1944 makes a great Christmas for the WW2 enthusiast.

$19.99 plus shipping. Prices subject to change.

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Fit: Standard

Not too tight, not too loose.

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Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.

  • 5.6 oz. 100% cotton
  • Standard fit
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Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!  Now that cold weather is at hand for much of the US, why not consider giving the gift of warmth?  Well, okay, many of these items are no longer available but you can give a book about them!

Maybe you need information about the winterization of  WW2 Willys MBs and Ford GPWs?

Can’t afford to get them a NOS Winterization Kit or just can’t find one at WallyWorld? Well, give the next best thing that will have them drooling and begging for winter!

Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW has recieved favorable reviews from BOTH Military Vehicles Magazine and the MVPA Army Motors. Reflect on how to “winterize” your jeep. Learn how to install the Crew Compartment Heater and your feet are gauranteed never to freeze…boil, er, broil maybe but never freeze. Much more is covered!

Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW
by Robert Notman
Genre: U.S. Government

$24.49 PLUS SHIPPING (Price subject to change)
Paperback: 83 pages


Synopsis: A book that includes the gear issued by the US Army to winterize the WW2 jeep

About This Book:

The 83 page book contains the instruction manual for installing the Winterization Kits that were issued during WW2. Frankly, when I started 20 years ago in this hobby I didn’t even know WW2 jeeps could have had a heater. There is information here about the slave kit…this allowed one jeep to be used as a starter vehicle for other vehicles that were too frozen to start on their own. For a preview you can go to and down load a 4 MB pdf file.

Book Information:

· Paperback: 83 pages
· Binding: Perfect-Bound
· Publisher: Robert Notman (May 2004)
· Product Number: 11363108 (Click to order online!)

You can purchase this book not only from ( you can call TOLL FREE 877.809.1659 and ask for Product Number 11363108)

You will find this book interesting, if you are interested in the winter gear for the jeep. If you liked Becker’s book you are really going to like this book, the pictures from the installation manual are very clear. You can actually see the water line hookups and other featuers clearly. Get your copy today!

Working on the WW2 jeep transmission is pretty easy if you just follow the directions.

Working on the WW2 jeep transmission is pretty easy if you just follow the directions.

This book is an ideal gift for the guy or gal with a faulty T-84 WW2 jeep transmission.

Trouble Shooting And Rebuilding The T-84J
by Robert Notman
AVAILABILITY: Books will ship in a minimum of 5 business days.
Product Number: 13014504
Genre: Automobiles
Paperback: 158 pages

Description: Rebuild the T-84J WW2 jeep Transmission Yourself! 42FordGPW


Trouble Shooting and Rebuilding The T-84J Transmission is an aide designed to help the novice to decide whether or not to rebuild the T-84J themselves.  It covers all sorts of “tricks” and “how-to’s” for tearing down, cleaning, inspecting and then assembling the rebuilt transmission.  You will learn trouble shooting tips.  Why is your transmission jumping out of gear? Is the T-84J really supposed to be noisy?  And much, much more!  You also might be interested in the CD version–to see a live action version of what is going on in the book.Check out our store for more gifts!

Book Details:

· Paperback: 158 pages
· Binding: Wire-O
· Publisher: Robert Notman (August 2004)
· Product Number: 13014504

OR order online.

This is a great gift for the early jeep enthusiast, order now for Christmas!

Bantam, Where it all began Mil Green or Navy T
Military Green Navy
Military Green Navy
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Bantam, Where it all began Mil Green or Navy T

Bantam was the first “jeep” used by the Army.  These are great t-shirts to show support for the little company that could–build the FIRST 1/4-ton vehicle that would become known as the “jeep”.  These vehicles were built by Willys and Ford in large quantities during WW2 but it was Bantam that was FIRST.


$19.99 (Price subject to change) plus shipping.  Ships worldwide.  Major credit cards accepted.

Small Medium Large X-Large 2X-Large (+$3.00)

Military Green Navy

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Standard FitNot too tight, not too loose.

Fabric Thickness:

Look cool without breaking the bank. Our durable, high-quality, pre-shrunk 100% cotton t-shirt is what to wear when you want to go comfortably casual. Preshrunk, durable and guaranteed.

USMC Preventive Maintenance ManualDo you have an interest in the USMC or a USMC jeep?  Then you need a copy of the rare USMC WW2 Preventive Maintenance Manual.  This would make a great gift for the guy or gal that owns a USMC jeep!

Approximately 49 pages (8.5×11) of wonderful hand inked drawings and typewritten pages. Includes the rare USMC Lube Charts for the MB/GPW and the 2 1/2-ton trucks

You will learn the Marince Corp way of maintenance….

What should the fluid levels be in the transmission?

and how about the differentials as well? (Notice the text, evidence of having been typewritten and reproduced exactly as the original.)

Want to know how to double clutch? Well, the Marines show you how! The Marines cover the following topics:

Transfer Case
Universal Joints
Gear Shifting
Ignition System
Battey & Lights
Fuel System
Cooling System

This manual was original put together by the Motor Transport School, Marine Corp Supply Schools, Supply School Battalion, Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.

The manual is designed to be useful for most WW2 wheeled vehicles. It’s a great little manual. The drawings may not be as sophisticated as those published in WW2 Army Motors but they get the job done.

Price of the manual is still $22.00 (Price subject to change) plus shipping. So if you are a Marine Corp vehicle driver and missed the first reprinting this just might be the ticket for you! Or if you just want to learn some WW2 maintenance tips! You can purchase a copy via
The vendor will take credit cards, money orders or checks!

It’s a great volume to add to your collection, USMC Preventive Maintenance. You will learn a lot of useful information even if you are NOT into Marine Corp wheeled vehicles.


When Santa’s sleigh is out of commission he uses a 1942 Ford GPW to deliver goodies to all the good boys and girls.

Try our Santa greeting cards.  These will be a hit with your friends who are interested in WW2.  Click here for more WW2 Santa related items!

Santa sez your WW2 vehicle enthusiasts will really appreciate some good books on their favorite subjects.

Some of our favorites:

Trouble Shooting And Rebuilding The T-84J Great for those who own or want to own a WW2 jeep.  Step by step pictures and text on rebuilding the jeep transmission!

Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW It’s sure cold up at the North Pole.  See the set up that Santa uses to keep his jeep operational and comfortable at sub-zero temperatures.   It includes details on the WW2 Cold Weather Kits for jeeps.

Automotive Trouble Shooting For WW2 Vehicles This is volume one (volume two is also available) and is perfect for all non-tracked US vehicles from WW2.  Don’t know how to polarize (or even what it means), check out this book.

For more wonderful books, click here.

WW2 Jill Cartoon Mug
front / back: front image back image
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WW2 Jill Cartoon Mug

Blonde WW2 Jill, wearing a red bathing suit and riding in a jeep.

$12.99 plus shipping (price subject to change)
AVAILABILITY: In Stock, will ship in 2 business days

Product Number: 97144798 Order TOLL FREE (US) by calling the number at left and giving the operator the production number OR just click the link to order on-line!

Product Information
The perfect size for your favorite morning beverage or late night brew. Large, easy-grip handle. Treat yourself or give as a gift to someone special.



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