I just love olive drab paint. I get goose pimples just thinking about it !

I just love olive drab. I get goose pimples just thinking about it ! Some people say it is a disease. Tie an olive drab ribbon around the old oak tree until a cure is discovered.

Olive Drab Disease describes the terrible existence of men and women who crave things olive drab. The disease manifests itself primarily in seeking out military vehicles and obscure parts to retore same. We seek a cure.   But for now only the symptoms can be treated by supply things olive drab to those affected.

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Color: White
White/Black Inside

Behind the Eight Ball Mug

Jill as WW2 aircraft nose art “Behind The Eight Ball”.


Mega (+$6.00)


 White/Black Inside

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Product Number: 030-97338854

Product Information
  • Choose from 2 styles: Standard White Mug & Standard Mug with black interior & handle
  • 11 oz capacity
  • Dimensions: 3.75” tall by 3” diameter
  • The Mega Mug comes in white only and holds 20 oz. Dimensions: 4.75″ tall, 3.25″ diameter
  • Coffee cup designs are professionally printed with high-quality ink
  • Durable white ceramic with easy grip handle
  • Microwave & top shelf dishwasher safe
  • Great gift for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, housewarming or for students & coworkers

Invasion Star Keepsake Box.

You don’t have to tip over a jeep to find a great gift for the WW2 jeep enthusiast! Check out my website for gifts like the one below.

You don’t have to tip over a jeep to find a great gift for the WW2 jeep enthusiast! Check out my website for gifts like the one below.

Invasion Star Keepsake BoxThe Holidays will soon be upon us. Avoid the crowds and orders gifts on line. Consider a unique gift for someone who likes jeeps, like the Invasion Star and Registration Number on a wonderful wooden and tile box. Comes in black or mahogany wood colors. Perfect for stylishly storing jewelry and mementos, this hardwood box showcases a ceramic tile. Spring-loaded hinged lid stays open without tipping the box over and snaps closed securely.

  • Made of solid hardwood with high-gloss lacquer finish
  • Interior is fully lined in velvet; bottom is covered with felt
  • Measures 5.5″ x 5.5″ x 2.25″ with a 4.25″ x 4.25″ ceramic tile

Only $23.99 plus shipping (price subject change). Order on line by clicking on the link above OR by calling TOLL FREE (US) 877.809.1659 and giving the operator the product number: 109277636.

A jeep in New Foundland - 1942.

A jeep in Newfoundland – 1942.

Soldiers of the U.S. 3rd Infantry (the “Old Guard”) are shown on maneuvers in the summer of 1942 as part of the defense of St Johns, Newfoundland. The Jeep is mounted with a small-caliber cannon and a Browning M1917A1 machine gun. If you look closely at the grille you can see that this is an early MB, often called a “slat-grille.”

How many jeeps were produced during WW2?

How many jeeps were produced during WW2? Well, about 25,000 of the type pictured above. These are the so-called “slate grille” Willys MB jeeps.

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Army Jill wears a helmet.

I don’t always misbehave! Sometimes I’m good.

Miss Bea Havin Large Framed PrintMiss Bea Havin Large Framed Print Featuring blond Jill as WW2 aircraft nose art. Jill is sitting on a bomb in front of the National recognition symbol – the 5 point star.

Prints are perfect for the home or office. All prints are custom manufactured using archival inks and acid-free paper. Framed prints are matted and framed in a stylish black frame with Plexiglas cover. Frames include complete backing. Frame size: 19″ x 13″. The print is only $39.99 (price subject to change) plus shipping.

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Grandpa's War Pony

Grandpa’s War Pony

Grandpa’s War Pony is a book I wrote for my grandchildren to explain what a WW2 jeep was and how it was used.

Perhaps the greatest instrument of war to come out of the Second World War and forged into something still in use today is arguably—the 1/4-ton reconnaissance car or jeep. The jeep during WW2 was a new and speedy little vehicle designed to get in and go where motorcycles couldn’t go. It was the baby of a little company called American Bantam Car Company and the U. S. Army’s Infantry Branch.

The book is filled with colorized photos that have been stylized in a “cartoon” manner to help maintain children’s interest.  It’s a great gift for Christmas for young and old jeep fans!

Grandpa’s War Pony is available from Amazon.com and other booksellers.

What do you know about the Ford Pygmy? I happen to know a bit about it.

What do you know about the Ford Pygmy? I happen to know a bit about it.

The WW2 Ford Pygmy still exists, read all about it.

WW2 Pilot–The Ford Pygmy

by Robert Notman
$19.95 (plus shipping)

Description: A photo book exploring the details of the Ford pilot in the race to build jeeps


Explore just about every inch of the Ford pilot Pygmy in photographs and essay. This is one of only two of the original “jeep” pilots known to have survived through today. The other is the Budd bodied Ford pilot. The author had full access to the jeeps in the Veterans Memorial Museum of Huntsville, Alabama. The Ford pilot is an amazing vehicle. See the engine, inside the body and underneath. Tons of detail. Check it out! It’s available from Amazon.