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Bantam, Where it all began Mil Green or Navy T
Military Green Navy
Military Green Navy
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Bantam, Where it all began Mil Green or Navy T

Bantam was the first “jeep” used by the Army.  These are great t-shirts to show support for the little company that could–build the FIRST 1/4-ton vehicle that would become known as the “jeep”.  These vehicles were built by Willys and Ford in large quantities during WW2 but it was Bantam that was FIRST.



Military Green Navy

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I just love Old Army Iron.

Old Army Iron with Jill Large Mug


Old Army Iron with Jill Large Mug

WW2 Jill in Old Army Iron-military vehicle-cartoon art.

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When Santa’s sleigh is out of commission he uses a 1942 Ford GPW to deliver goodies to all the good boys and girls.

Santa sez your WW2 vehicle enthusiasts will really appreciate some good books on their favorite subjects.

Some of our favorites:

Trouble Shooting And Rebuilding The T-84J Great for those who own or want to own a WW2 jeep.  Step by step pictures and text on rebuilding the jeep transmission!

Winter and the Willys MB/Ford GPW It’s sure cold up at the North Pole.  See the set up that Santa uses to keep his jeep operational and comfortable at sub-zero temperatures.   It includes details on the WW2 Cold Weather Kits for jeeps.

Automotive Trouble Shooting For WW2 Vehicles This is volume one (volume two is also available) and is perfect for all non-tracked US vehicles from WW2.  Don’t know how to polarize (or even what it means), check out this book.

WW2 Jill Cartoon Mug
front / back: front image back image
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WW2 Jill Cartoon Mug

Blonde WW2 Jill, wearing a red bathing suit and riding in a jeep.

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This is a very nicely detailed WW2 Jeep by AUTOart.  It is rather expensive and is available from It comes complete with an M2 decontaminator mounted on the driver’s fender.  There’s a fire extinguisher under the dash.  Dash plates.  It also comes with a rifle scabbard mounted to the windshield complete with rifle. And it also comes with the rare winch mounted to the front bumper.

The jeep also has a .30 caliber machine gun mounted as well a radio and other items.  A well equipped jeep to be sure.  Though you have to wonder if many jeeps in WW2 came with a mounted machine gun AND a radio.  Think of the vibrations of the weapon and the tubes in the radio.  Do the two mix?  Still it is a great looking model.  See if you agree…AUTOart 1/18 Jeep Willys Army Green.  While Amazon currently shows this jeep in stock it is currently selling for an outrageous amount.  Good luck!

Can you hear my jeep running? Neither can I. Not only is it just a picture but the jeep still will not start.

But WW2 jeep did start and many still do.  Let me change the subject to early pre-WW2 jeeps.  These were pre-standardized jeeps built by there manufacturers.  For more about the Bantam, Ford and Willys jeeps check out BANTAM, FORD AND WILLYS—1/4-TON RECONNAISSANCE CARS.  The 1/4-ton, 4×4, truck of World War Two started out in thBANTAM, FORD AND WILLYS—1/4-TON RECONNAISSANCE CARSe hands of the Infantry and a little company called American Bantam Car Company.  Bantam worked with the Army’s Quartermaster Corps to produce the pilot model that was accepted and then fulfilled their initial contract for 70 trucks. During testing of the pilot both Ford and Willys-Overland were invited to check out this new vehicle.  The vehicles were studied in great detail.  Soon, at their own expense, Ford and Willys-Overland submitted pilots for testing too.  This book covers the production prototypes–Bantam BRC-40, Ford GP and the Willys MA.

You also might be interested in A WW2 Jeep History by H. Rifkind.
If you are interested in the history of the development of the jeep there is little substitute for the first effort done by H. Rifkind. This book was written from the Quartermaster Corps’ perspective but draws on numerous resources and documentation to put together a pretty good picture of what happened. What makes it even more valuable is that it actually lists the sources. So if you can figure where and how to find them, you find a gold mine of information to research. I know that I have used this information to track down at least one of the players in the jeep story–Major General George Lynch, Chief of Infantry. The Infantry was instrumental in development of the jeep project–they saw the need long before anyone or any other agency jumped on the bandwagon.

Jeep – Its development and procurement under the Quartermaster Corps, 1940-1942 gives a great run down of the early history of the jeep written near the time that the events actually happened.  If you love old jeeps, you will want this book.

I like a really good read and there’s nothing better than to dust off a book from WW2!

I like a really good read and there’s nothing better than to dust off a book from WW2!

The following was extracted from an article by the same name contained in Military Maintenance for MB/GPW Jeeps 1941-45 starting on page 86. (You can find the book on, and elsewhere.) The article originally appeared in the WW2 Army Motors magazine.

Regulation and manuals that could be helpful to the jeep restorer and historian.Starts with Army Regulations like AR 1-5, Index to Army Regulations AR 850-5 Marking of Clothing, Equipment, Vehicles and Property. AR 850-10 Registration of Motor Vehicles AR 850-15 Motor Vehicles (“the bible of motor vehicles”) among others.

Field Manuals like FM 21-6, List of Publications for Training; FM 21-7 List of Training Films, Film Strips and Film Bulletins; FM 25-10 Basic Field Manual: Motor Transport Technical Manuals] TM 9-2800 Standard Military Motor Vehicles (ah, a book to drool over and included in the cd from military-media); TM 9-2810 Motor Vehicle Inspections and Preventive Maintenance Services; TM 21-300 Driver Selection and Training; and one of my favorites… TM 31-200 Maintenance and Care of Pneumatic Tires and Rubber Treads; TM 38-250 Basic Maintenance Manual; then there are the vehicle TMs. (get them on the CD for cheap or collect the originals or the 1947 reprints or the modern reprints in one volume).

And there were War Department Circulars
Training Circulars (“like TC 117 on the marking of bridges and vehicles”)
Technical Bulletins – this would cover changes to your vehicle
TMs and would be incorporated with the next TM change
Tables of Organization and Equipment – just how many jeeps and machine guns are supposed to be in an Infantry Division?

There are Ordnance Field Service Publications
Standard Nomenclature Lists – gives parts identification and allowances
SNL “H” parts in common
SNL “K” includes cleaning, preserving, welding and lubricating materials
SNL N-19 motor-transport tool sets!
SNL G-19 Interchangeability Chart of Organizational Special Tools for Combat Vehicles

Don’t forget… Field Service Modification Work Orders (so you install those favorite mods they came up with like Winterization kits.) FSMWOs were replaced with MWOs.

Ordnance Field Service Bulletins
OFSB 1-1 Index to Ordnance Publications
OFSB 2-16 Storage and shipment of rubber tires, tubes and camelback
OFSB 2-18 Requisition and issue of Spare Parts, Equipment and Supplies
OFSB 2-25 Winterization equipment for automotive material
OFSB 4-21 Gun mounts for general purpose vehicles

I don’t even have half of this stuff and this isn’t everything listed in the article. There are many jeep specific publications and most of these seem to be missing from the general jeep collectors library. Perhaps someone is setting on these and thinking of publishing them “someday”. I hope they will come forward. And as I mentioned before there are original articles from service publications, private and public that make interesting reading and collection. Many are still available. Happy hunting.